They earn 10 times more money...

And they do the same work thousands do

Who are they? And what do they have in common, asides from their results?

Some are well-educated, and some don’t have any education at all. Some are intelligent and smart, while some are so dumb that you don’t understand how they are even earning that much.

They do the very same things countless people do. But they earn 10 times as much. Some even earn as much as 100 times what the average person earns doing the same work.

As some of you know, I write on Medium. And Medium sends these monthly reports to writers every month. Almost every month, less than 10% of writers earn over $100. This means that about 10% of writers earn about 90% of all the money. As much as Medium likes to do things to balance the finances, the law still holds.

The month’s highest earner always makes over $20,000. I earn 4-figures on the platform every month. And I know writers who earn much more than I do, even some that earn 5-figures consistently. Yet, it is the same writing platform where the majority struggle to earn up to $100.

This can be said for all businesses and vocation. There is a gym that is always filled up. And on the next street is another gym that is always empty. What is the difference? Believe it or not, the difference is not strategy.

The difference is in the mindset. The difference is paradigms.

The ones that earn 10 times more money are the ones that have a set of habits ingrained in their subconscious mind that conditions the way they work, which is different from the way 95% of people work.

You don’t get rich by doing certain things. You get rich by doing things in a certain way - Wallace D. Wattles

Think about this.

- David