The dumbest man ever

Don't be like him

I heard this fascinating story of a man and concluded that he was the dumbest man ever. But, interestingly, many people behave the same way.

The man sat by the fireplace and said to it:

Give me heat and I will give you wood

Isn’t he the dumbest man ever? But we do the same thing all the time. Think about the people looking for a job. They are asking society to give them heat so that they can give wood.

But many people get jobs like that. Yes, but it is a setup for failure. They will think that is how life works. And that thinking keeps them middle-class all their lives.

You don’t start your life by asking for something. You start your life by giving. Give wood first and you can expect heat. You are going to be financially rewarded according to the service you render. 

This is why becoming rich has everything to do with having something to offer the world. 

Don’t ask for heat first. Don’t ask for a job first. Don’t ask for money first. Don’t ask for a contract first. Don’t ask for a partnership first. Don’t ask for a relationship first. Give wood before you ask for heat.

(I became a writer before I got my first writing gig)

What if I have no wood? That is the secret of poverty. If you think what you have is not needed or it is worthless, then you will be poor. You have wood. If you are reading this, you have wood. Recognize it, celebrate it, and feed it into the fireplace. 

Give wood before you ask for heat.

Act on this.

- David 

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