Release your brakes

Stop accelerating with your brakes on

Most people think they need a better strategy. They believe they are in the wrong business. They are looking for how to get rich in every venture except the one they are into.

I have seen people who have made millions in the cleaning business. In fact, there is a man I got to know that makes billions yearly cleaning oil vessels. It’s the same cleaning business some people beg to be paid a small change for.

You don’t need a better strategy. Your new strategy will not work until your mindset can make it fly. If you upgrade your mindset, you will be surprised how the very strategy you think is not working will start working effectively.

I read a book by James Newman recently titled Release Your Brakes. And the concept is based on the fact that most people are trying desperately to move forward in life while they are subconsciously holding themselves back. This is the same pattern of thought I had discovered from the work of Bob Proctor.

Do you think you can make 10 times what you are currently making doing basically the same thing you are doing?

What was your reaction to that question? Did you snicker at it? Or you couldn’t bring yourself to nod in affirmation? If you can’t bring yourself to recognize your roadblock, you won’t be able to go beyond it.

Before we go further, I must say this. If you are on a career ladder where the company or organization pays you based on time and promises you safety and security, you need to get out of there if you want to maximize your potential. Think of a work where you can determine what you earn by your productivity. That is a good place to start.

If you have that right already, I want you to study the top performers in your business, industry, or work. And by this, I mean the people making the most amount of money. Find out as much as possible about these people. They are usually very few and easy to recognize.

The next task is the hardest. I will keep repeating it. And this is it: Start behaving like the top performers. Do it in such a way that people will easily mistake you for one of them. Then, make sure your work ethic keeps up.

Dress like them. Talk like them. Walk like them. Treat clients like they treat clients. If a certain behavior is common to all the top performers you found, don’t say it doesn’t matter. JUST DO IT! It matters. It is the tiny details that separate the top earners in any industry.

There’s more. But chew on this for now. And I’ll keep reminding you about this.

This is the best time to be living on earth.

- David