Millionaire success habit I

This is about timing

A flawed prototype is better than an idea on paper

- From Epilogue, If you want to be rich don't work for money

Yesterday, I was listening to Bob Proctor. He talked about something so powerful for success. And that is decisions. He expanded on one thing from Napoleon Hill's book, Think And Grow Rich:

Successful people make decisions very fast and change them slowly (if they ever change them)

But this is not the way most people make decisions. Most people would say, “I'll think about it”. And that phrase is responsible for being average more than anything in the world.

A lady complained to me recently that she wanted to quit her job and live her dream. She had a quite substantial savings. So, I showed her an offer to put her saved up money to work where she can quit her job almost immediately. She is still “thinking about it” after a week. Of course, I canceled the offer because she wasn't ready. Even if she says yes, because it took too long it is no longer a genuine yes.

When Andrew Carnegie wanted to give Napoleon Hill the task of a lifetime, Carnegie gave Hill 60 seconds to answer (unknowing to Hill). Hill answered in 26 seconds.

Most people are trying to make their first attempt the best. They would be thinking for days about a decision that should be made in seconds. They would be analyzing on paper or opening an excel sheet for something that should be decided with a yes or no answer.

The millionaire success habit is making decisions fast. Get in the habit of making fast decisions when opportunities are presented to you.

- David

P.S. There is something you have been putting off for a while. Go do it now.