I am framing this on my wall...

A little piece of advice worth seeing every day

I am tempted to start writing another book. But I am trying to hold myself back to market this one I’ve got. And I shared an interesting concept on Medium recently. The concept is to take one idea from the “Don’t Work for Money” book to implement every week.

If you have someone who is always asking you for money, get the book for the person. Some of my friends are putting pressure on me to coach them. But I don’t have a structure for that yet, plus I don’t know if they would take it that serious coming from me. I guess I will just charge them big.

I have had quite a lot of success on Medium and I am thinking of doing a course to teach people the best practices to earn on the platform. All this is going on in my mind and the thought of another book is creeping in. Whoosh.

The concept of the new book is on the importance of certain habits that make people millionaires. But that would be next year, I guess. I have to figure out how to sell 100,000 copies of this one before December. I know the book will change anyone’s financial life if they implement the things in there. And I know people are looking for such content.

(The book link and other things are on my website: davidolarinoye.com)

While all of that is dancing in my head, I got a quote from Dan Pena Sr. And I am going to frame it and hang it on the wall of my office, facing my setup. It says:

Get ruthless about trying something different

This quote made me do something very uncomfortable the day I saw it. What I did is still a little nervy even now. Maybe I’ll share it with you later. Or maybe not.

If it scares you, and it is moral, ethical, and legal, you should do it.

Don’t hold back. Give today your 120%. Tomorrow will take care of itself. Act on these things.

- David

P.S. I shared a piece of advice with some friends recently. And there is a part of it that strikes deep (if you are young): Work 120 hours a week. Live to work, don’t work to live.