Give people the opportunity to tell you NO

The power of asking

Bob Proctor tells a story of how he got an insurance company to increase their sales by millions of dollars. There are two sides to the instruction he gave the salespeople.

The first part was that they were to be in the presence of a prospect before 9 am. But the second part is the real catch.

The second part was to ask the prospect to buy. The idea is to give them the opportunity to tell you “no”. In fact, they don’t have to buy. But you have to ask them to. Just ask.

Don’t let people tell you “maybe” or “kinda”. Put yourself in the position to get a definitive yes or a no. And getting a “no” is not bad. In fact, the more no’s you get the closer you get to a “yes”.

It has been said that 17 no = 1 yes

Dan Pena says you are 2,000 cold calls from your first success.

Everybody wants to get to that 2,000th call but want to skip the 1,999 calls. They don’t want to go through such harsh treatment.

The beauty of success is not reaching your desired destination. The beauty is who you become in the process of reaching that destination. Think about that.

Don’t assume the decisions of other people. Give them the opportunity to tell you a definitive no.

If you want more sales, pitch more people.


- David

P.S. Your responses to the zoom call is well received. I will be making plans towards that this week. I’ll let you know the date and time soon. It’s definitely going to be before Christmas.