Rich people work for ___________

Fill in the gap

Rich people have businesses. Rich people have money working for them. Rich people play the game of money. Rich people work, but they don't work for money.

The only life most people know is the life of working for money. They went to school to learn something they can use to trade their time for money. I have always thought that it was BS even while still in school.

Rich people are not salary driven. Yes, rich people work. But the difference is that they are not expecting a salary for their work. Let me share a secret with you.

When people want to engage your services, do you think of other ways they can pay you without money? This is the starting point of not working for money. Remember, rich people have businesses. Instead of negotiating for money, negotiate to put yourself in a position where you can own.

Don't work for money. Instead, work to put yourself in a better position. Rich people own businesses. They don't collect fat salaries. They are the ones that pay others.

Do you want to pay salaries or you want to be paid salary?

If you want to be rich, work towards being the one to pay salaries.

- David

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