Ask for _________ and you'll be paid more money

Can you guess?

If you already have work that brings you money, then you should look at that before looking elsewhere for increased income. If you hate the job you do, then isolate the part you hate and quit that part. If you hate everything, then quit and jump in on something you love to do. If you hate your life, it is because you haven’t found something worth living for.

There is something good about the work you do if you look closely. And if you want to earn more money, the first thing is to critically consider what you do. There is definitely a way you can earn more.

Most people think that working more hours is the answer. But that is a very dumb approach. Trading time for money is a bad trade. You should be earning based on results.

If you want to be paid more money at your current work, you ask for a raise. Right? And if you are a freelancer, you increase your rate. If you are an entrepreneur, you increase your price.

But how? Some are already working beyond what they signed up for and will get a favorable response when they ask for a raise. However, most people won’t get a raise if they ask just like that.

So, instead what you do is to ask for responsibility. First, you find a result your organization cares a lot about. And you must see that nobody is taking responsibility for it. Then you go to the boss and asks if the organization would appreciate someone taking responsibility for it.

Now, this is not about asking for more work. No! This is about becoming responsible for a result. This means if the result is not produced for whatever reason, you will be held responsible. Most likely, there are people already doing the “work” part of it. But they are just doing “their job” and have no intention of putting in any extra effort.

If you take responsibility for a result and you do a fantastic job at it, you just promoted yourself into a managerial post without the title. And after a short while of impeccable results, if you are not given a raise, you should ask for it.

For entrepreneurs and others who don’t have anyone they can ask for a raise, the same principle can be applied. Add to your service and increase your price. Create an additional product and increase your price as a result. The service (or product) you add must be very related to what you are already selling.

But doesn’t this involve more work? Yes, it does in most cases. This is why you must learn to change your mode of working. Don’t be afraid to hire an assistant. Delegate lower responsibilities and move higher. This is the path of an income multiplier.

Take action on this before the week runs out. Ask for a result you will be responsible for. Ask for responsibility. I’m sure your boss would like someone that ensures the consistent getting of a particular result.


- David

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