Helping Others

How to know your most valuable asset

There is a quote from “Golden Rule” Jones,

What I want for myself, I want for everybody else

Most people cannot say the same. People are locked in a competition with their neighbors, coworkers, friends, spouses, etc. They want to be better than others. And there is a fundamental problem with that.

You don’t become great by thinking only about yourself. You become great by thinking about other people. How do you bring what benefited you to other people?

If you have been successful at something, no matter how small, think of how to make other people successful at that same thing. Interestingly, this is how people become unstoppable in their finances.

People will always pay people who are successful at something to teach them how to be successful at that same thing. Even if you don’t want to sell, people will beg you to give them the opportunity to buy. Think about that.

Think about helping someone get a result you have gotten.

- David

P.S. I just finished writing a book about how to become a successful writer on Medium. It is published on Amazon’s Kindle already. (The title is - The 4-Figure Medium Writer Insider Secrets). I have gotten some success on the platform and I’d love other people to get the same results.

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